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DZ-1090 Signal Bridges

NEW HO Signals

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DZ 1011 Block Signal Detectors
DZ-1040 Semaphore Upper Quadrant s gauge
DZ-1040 Semaphore Upper Quadrant and lower Quadrant
DZ 1040 Semaphore Upper Quad G guage
DZ-1040 Semaphor Lower Quadrnat S gauge
DZ-1040 Semaphore Lower Quadrant - O guage
DZ 1040G Semaphore Lower Quadrant
DZ 1050 3 color trackside signal S guage
DZ 1050
3 Color Trackside Signal G Gauge
DZ 1060 7-Light Trackside Signal
DZ 1060 7-Light Trackside Signal
7 Light Trackside Signal G-Gauge
DZ 1070 Sensor with Dual Outputs
DZ 1070-n Sensor Controller
Sensor with alternate solid state relay 0.9A outputs
DZ-1075m Sensor w-alternate solid state relay Momentary 0.9A outputs
DZ 1080 S gauge color position signal
DZ 1080 Color Position Signal
DZ-1080 color position signal G guage
DZ-1090-40U-2 Signal Bridge
DZ-1090-50-2 Signal Bridge
DZ-1090-60-2 Signal Bridge
DZ-1090 Custom Signal Bridge

DZ-1090 Custom Signal Bridge


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